What is regulation?

In certain areas across the United States, energy markets are regulated. This means:


  • The processing, management, delivery and cost are set by regulatory and governmental bodies.

  • The utility provides all aspects of energy service: generation and/or purchase of energy supply, delivery, billing, and support.

  • There is a lack of product and service innovation.

  • There is limited availability of Green Energy options.

What is deregulation?

Deregulation has taken place in many states throughout the United States. It has allowed competitive energy suppliers to offer their energy supply products and services to residential and business consumers. Energy prices are not regulated in these areas and consumers are not forced to receive supply of energy from their utility. In deregulated markets, consumers can choose their supplier, similar to other common household/business service providers. The marketing of these services are still regulated.

Why is deregulation important?

Deregulation gives consumers the right to benefit from the following:

  • Competitive rates - They have the option to choose a energy retailer, like Kiwi Energy, to offer competitive pricing and services.

  • Innovative products - With more competition in the market, they benefit from a variety of product options that may not have otherwise been available prior to door to door experience such as community solar

  • No service interruptions - Although their natural gas and/or electricity will be coming from a new provider, their local utility/distribution company will continue to ensure consistent delivery of energy to their homes.

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