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PTM  is a New York based marketing agency. We are a group of companies which include

PTM Solar and PTM ACP which operate across the  United States of America. Our group of companies serve residential and commercial customers with services in affordable high-speed internet, solar farms, roof top solar panels, electricity and natural gas commodities. 

We simplify service and put customers first. We understand how to provide good experiences to thousands of customers, and we do so every day. 

The future needs of our customers demand a company capable of offering a variety of products. Which is why PTM Champions League has expanded our product offerings to not only offer energy solutions but provide energy that is clean, safe, reliable and affordable across the entire portfolio of energy sources. So no matter how you're preparing for tomorrow, we're already building the future of energy today. Learn more


We have also expanded our services to

offer discounted broadband services through the Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP program to eligible consumers in the United States.

The Federal Government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is operated by the FCC to reduce Internet charges for qualifying low-income households.

Learn more

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