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Who Are We?

Prime Time Marketing is quickly becoming a leader in the direct sales industry. With a combination of over 20 years of experience in their field and sales offices all over the United States our partners have built a solid foundation for success. We believe that our accomplishments can be attributed to four very simple core values: Integrity, Development, Entrepreneurialism, and Performance.​

Integrity -We are thinking about the future, and want our company to outstand the rest. The only way this is possible is the conduction of business in an honest fashion. We know our client and agent relationships depend on the trust we establish.

Development -We are willing to invest in you, and know what you are capable of achieving. We foster growth here at Prime Time and know that your success is the root of our success.

Entrepreneurialism - Prime Time knows that the future is conquered by free thought. By providing you the opportunity to choose your career, and forum to share innovative ideas we are allowing you to essentially become the master of your destiny.

Performance - Exceeding goals and commitments is how we set ourselves apart to our clients. We shatter goals and hold our agents to this same expectation. Performance is monitored and coaching is offered in order to ensure progress.

What We Do...

We are a marketing firm that specializes in developing sales organizations for national fortune 500 companies across the United States. We focus our efforts on direct sales; which brings our client's products and/or services right to the consumer. The direct sales industry has grown as a whole in the past few years, and we are glad to be a part of this exciting time for advancement and opportunity in our field.  


Our clients entrust us to build motivated sales initiatives on their behalf and generate sizable revenues. We do this by growing our teams from the bottom up. We also ensure we keep our members motivated and earning to their top potential.


​It is our duty to handle operations with an indestructible rectitude. We uphold our client’s emphasis on conducting business with integrity.

Our Mission...

We help our customers realize all the benefits of local solar and renewable energy, such as solid financial returns and a positive impact on the environment, through a unique “Commitment to Solar, Commitment to You” approach, process easy and convenient with  no upfront investment.

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