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3711 Brewerton Rd

North Syracuse, NY 13212

Tel:  315-455-2395

Fax: 315-455-2396

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who is prime time?

We are a marketing firm that specializes in developing sales organizations for national fortune 500 companies across the United States. We focus our efforts on direct sales; which brings our client's products and/or services right to the consumer. The direct sales industry has grown as a whole in the past few years, and we are glad to be a part of this exciting time for advancement and opportunity in our field.

why prime time?

Champion's League

The Winners of our Champion League Trip Incentive enjoy all-inclusive vacations twice a year.


Making a difference by actively participating in neighborhood and community events in a variety of ways.


On average our Reps make double the median income across the

United States.


We work hard and play hard, investing in our teams and our offices to help our agents grow  beyond mediocrity.


"I started with very little experience but at PTM I was provided with the proper guidance to become successful. What I love most about this career is the fact that my opportunities are uncapped."

Jon Carvalho

"Nearly a decade of my experience has been spent with the members of Prime Time. The environment is always evolving, exciting, and packed with new opportunities. The teams are supportive and always helping to achieve your goals - both personally and professionally." 

Jessica James